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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

Africa in 4K

Wildlife and Nature Shorts • 7m 49s

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  • African Cats

    Magnificent hunters. Ferocious predators. Powerful felines. From lions, cheetah and leopards to serval, caracal and more — incredible cats are revered around the world. Yet today, these majestic creatures are some of the most threatened species on Earth.

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  • The Secret Life of Vultures

    Have a bone to pick with the scraggy vulture? Just remember they’re vital as nature’s waste disposers – which is why their decline is very bad news…

    Vultures, with their big, ungainly wings, beaky faces and fondness for scavenging on dead meat, have a terrible reputation. They are seen as harb...

  • Endangered Species Day

    We live in a world full of many animals, insects, plants and creatures which are approaching the risk of extinction – or are so close to extinction, that their species needs help immediately.

    When a species is defined as endangered, its numbers are especially low – in the last few thousands, h...