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Lion Mountain TV is a streaming video service dedicated to bringing the finest high-quality nature, ocean, reality and wildlife documentaries to a global audience.
When we look at the world, we see a perfect storm of shifting audience tastes, improvements in technology, and changes to the media landscape. We know audiences worldwide are voicing a demand for a greater selection of high-quality programming. Lion Mountain TV meets this demand by offering high-quality natural history programming straight to your digital home device
Right now, Lion Mountain TV streams documentaries acquired from the best filmmakers and storytellers from around the world. Every week, we add new shows and have a program lineup with a wide range of specially featured movies and series
We suggest you sign up on our website: www.lionmountain.tv. You will be prompted to choose between a free and subscription plan. The free plan will have advert breaks; choose the subscription plan if you want to get rid of the advert breaks. You can change plans at any time
We offer two plans depending on your preferences. The first plan is entirely free, with advert breaks before and throughout the program. The second plan is a subscription-based plan that will remove all advertising during the program. The best value is our annual subscription plan, which costs USD $15.00 every 12 months. Next is our monthly subscription plan, which costs USD $1.50 per month. While it doesn't offer the discounts of the annual plan, it has the most flexibility as you pay month to month. You can see the details and select your plan here
We accept Visa, Mastercard credit cards
All our content is immediately available with advert breaks; thus, we do not offer a free trial period.
If you aren't into great mature films or series, no worries. Just go to the website, sign in under your username and password, then go to the profile/account icon on the upper right. There is a cancel button within the menu. Remember that your cancellation will apply to the next billing cycle; we do not offer refunds on subscription amounts already paid.
We've made it easy for you to access Lion Mountain TV on your devices that connect to the internet.
Lion Mountain TV is available in every connected corner of planet Earth. However, because of restrictions on the rights to some programs, not all shows are available in every country. We are constantly working with partners to expand the availability of our shows.
We have built unique relationships across the world with filmmakers, producers, and distributors of great documentaries and natural history programming to give our subscribers access to the very best shows available
With the cost of 4K televisions going down, more and more people are getting them. We are strongly committed to supporting this technology with super high-quality shows that will thrill audiences with exceptional viewing experiences. Lion Mountain TV features a growing slate of UltraHD shows, and we expect that growth to accelerate.
We have spent over a year designing and building an elegant user interface that allows fast, easy access to our entire library. We created multiple and different pathways to help you find the programs you want to see. You'll quickly become familiar with the layout, from the featured, new, and trending listings to your personal lists of Keep Watching and Watchlist. If you are looking for something in particular, the entire collection is searchable by keywords

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