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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

WN02 Cape Buffalo

Episode 2 • 1m 52s

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  • WN03 Cape Buffalo Bovine Teberculosis

    Cape Buffalos may be one of the most powerful members of the animal kingdom but even they can’t escape the grip of the deadly disease. Bovine tuberculosis is a potentially fatal disease that not only spreads to other ungulates but it also infects the predators that feed on buffalos- lions, in par...

  • WN04 Nile Crocodiles Ultimate Survivors

    Crocodiles are amongst Africa’s toughest creatures. Armoured with thick plated skin, a powerful immune system and jaws that can crack bone with ease- Crocodiles are Africa’s most feared freshwater predators. Notorious for their uncanny stealth when ambushing prey- at the water’s edge crocodiles a...

  • WN05 Good Crocodile Mothers

    Crocodiles have earned themselves a reputation for being cold-blooded killers- but this creature of the deep has a surprisingly soft side too that of a doting devoted parent. After the mating ritual between a couple has completed the female crocodile takes great care in laying her eggs and tendin...