The Enigmatic Life of Sharks


Sharks are the predators of the ocean for centuries they roamed the worlds waterways unharmed, swimming, feeding, but then came man, the trophy hunter and ruthless killer placing the greatest hunter of all - the great white shark - on the endangered list side by side with the rhino another great beast killed to satisfy mans flimsy pleasures. Today, thanks to the dedicated work of a few concerned people, both the great white shark and rhino are protected in South Africa. This episode delves into the secret lives of the sharks of the Indian Ocean as we visit their favourite hunting grounds. We also come face to face with Africa's big five at Nduna Lodge, a private game reserve in southern Zimbabwe. And we find a sanctuary for both the endangered black and white rhinos at Lapalala Wilderness in the Waterberg Mountains in the Northern Province of South Africa.

Producer: Aquavision TV Productions

Genres: Education,Travel,Documentary,Sports & Recreation

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