Kids Safari Deserts


Spanning much of Namibia’s west coast lies the oldest desert on earth – the Namib. Very few people have been lucky enough to cross this enormous sea of sand, and together with their expert guide, Luca and Melua set off on a week-long adventure across this magnificent desert. Just getting there takes days, and their journey is as exciting as the destination. Finally, they lay eyes on the massive expanse of sand, and it’s time to explore the Namib! The towering dunes and fossilized rock formations may seem hostile and lifeless but do not be fooled; there is an abundance of life just waiting to be discovered. As they travel west towards the Atlantic Ocean, they sift through the remains of diamond mining ghost towns, now slowly surrendering to the power of the elements. At the same time, shipwrecks loom like slumbering giants in the mist - both blown in from a restless ocean. Here they follow the endless beaches, passing the largest colonies of seals in the world until the desert finally runs out of sand.

Producer: Lion Mountain Media

Genres: Nature & Wildlife,Education,Travel,Sports & Recreation,Conservation Stories

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