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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

NGM206 - Rhino Fights

Episode 6 • 4m 59s

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  • NGM207 - The Nile Crocodile

    For a juvenile crocodile in the Pongola River system, surviving through the critical period of infancy is a triumph of instinct. After intricate rituals of courtship and nest excavations the female crocodile lays her eggs in a sandy pit and vigilantly keeps guard of her clutch, forfeiting her own...

  • NGM208 - Baby Rhino Birth

    The white rhino populations of southern Africa remarkably continue to grow despite the sad history of poaching and slaughter. For a species that almost vanished from the earth, the birth of every infant is significant. This event is witnessed by amateur filmmakers who diligently wait out a cow’s ...

  • NGM209 - Great White Shark Seal hunt

    This shark has the reputation of being the best and most powerful hunter. Nature’s most feared predator attacks and kills a Cape fur seal basking on the surface of the ocean – reducing her life to a bloody feeding frenzy of sharks and gulls, leaving her newborn offspring abandoned and bleating it...