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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

NGM101 - The Great Hunter

Nature's Greatest Moments • 5m 32s

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  • NGM102 - Sea Riders

    The most endearing mammals in the world are the dolphins. We follow a family of bottlenose dolphins as they move in their home waters and over a reef of the southern Indian Ocean. We watch them play, fight, love and ‘cry’.

  • NGM103 - Grinning Predators

    The sand tiger, or ragged tooth shark, is a sinister-looking humped back creature with a mouthful of wicked teeth – the embodiment of nightmares. Yet it is hardly the vicious killer of our imagination and on a reef off the coast of South Africa divers have grown to love this ugly shark. In this e...

  • NGM104 - Bert the Bass

    Off the coast of Mozambique there is a small reef which is the castle of an imposing king – Bert the Bass. He is a huge potato bass. Like all basses he has an unusual life history – he began his life as a female and changed sex when he grew into an adult. He now rules over his harem of females as...