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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

MWF202 - Baby Zebra

Episode 2 • 5m 22s

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  • MWF203 - Baby Warthog

    Do you think warthogs are ugly? I’m a baby warthog and I live in the African bushveld. Some people call us ugly. What do you think? We don’t really have warts; we just have big bumps on our faces for protection. One day when I’m big, I hope I have long tusks like my dad. Grownups use their tusks...

  • MWF204 - Baby Ostrich

    Have you ever seen an ostrich fly? Although we have wings, we can’t fly. Ostriches are the biggest birds on earth and we have the biggest eggs! We can run very fast and we can outrun almost any other animal. Wanna race?

  • MWF205 - Baby Tiger

    Baby tigers have lots of energy! While mom watches our backs, it’s time to play. We practice stalking and pouncing to help us catch our dinner one day. My cousins are old enough to follow their mother to the river for a swim. Oh, I can’t wait to grow up so I can join the fun!