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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

GROA10 - Rufiji the perennial river

Great Rivers of Africa • 29m

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    At the southern tip of Africa, the Olifants flows through and nourishes the unique Cape Floral Kingdom. Despite being the smallest of the world’s six plant kingdoms, it is the richest and most spectacular, containing 3% of all the plant species found in the whole world.

  • GROA12 - Pongola the generous river

    When in flood, the Pongola River creates a whole new wild world of quiet backwaters, hidden animals and ancient rituals. With the summer rains, the Pongola floods, filling its pans which are home to hippos, great white egrets and goliath herons. Cane rats live in the lush vegetation along the ban...

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    The Ogooue River flows throughout the year through the lush tropical rainforest of Gabon in West Africa. The country is an unspoilt wildlife haven where nature is almost untouched by humans, providing a precious refuge for endangered primates such as western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees and blac...