Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act

3 Seasons

See life in the wild in a new light. Combining the very best footage from amateur and professional filmmakers, this is the raw, real side of wildlife. Witness rare moments, from the funny to the downright bizarre that will compel you to rethink ‘normal’ animal behaviour.

Caught in the Act
  • Caught in the Act: Chimpanzee Rage

    Episode 1

    Wildlife safari guide and cameraman Mark Tennant has spent the last twenty years exploring and filming in Africa, always hoping to capture on camera a rare moment in wildlife. So, when a vicious fight breaks out amongst a troop of chimpanzees he and his guests are filming, he knows he’s has got t...

  • Caught in the Act: When prey fight back.

    Episode 2

    Safari guide Mark Tennant was in the thick of the action when a wildebeest herd decided to stand their ground and fight off an encroaching wild dog pack. The dominant male wildebeest eyed out a weak link in the pack and began a deadly assault, making a bee line for the dog! But while some prey fi...

  • Caught in the Act: Mother's Love

    Episode 3

    When two rival zebra stallions meet, the outcome is never going to be sweet. With an array of females for the picking, these two male zebra’s adrenaline starts to pump, along with their powerful hind legs. In a cloud of dust and bone-crushing kicks, the fight for ownership begins, with grave cons...

  • Caught in the Act: Clash of giants

    Episode 4

    Game rangers Giles Kelmanson and Mike Kirkman have taken hundreds of guests on safari, yet one never knows what to expect. When a pride of young male lions try their luck in hunting a herd of buffalo on the riverbank, Giles watches from across the river as Mike’s vehicle becomes trapped in amongs...

  • Caught in the Act: Lurking Death

    Episode 5

    Territorial conflict is fierce in the African bush. A roar followed by swift movement alerts Leonard Krantz and his wife to a fearsome battle raging between two lionesses and a rival male. They attack him with every weapon at their disposal. Losing is not an option – their cubs' lives are at stak...

  • Caught in the Act: Unusual Suspects

    Episode 6

    Baboons are often mistaken for placid vegetarians, docile creatures that act as wildlife’s comedians, but this incredible footage shows a very dark side to the African baboon. In a dramatic change of character, a troop of delinquent baboons suddenly get the thirst for blood and turn their attenti...