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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

BRA03 - Grinning Predators

Episode 1 • 25m

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    Along the east coast of Africa, the largest fish in the sea follows the plankton rich current. Moving with the stately speed and grace befitting its enormous stature, the whale shark seems to be following a never before documented migration route. Peter and Stefania swim with the giants to uncove...

  • BRA04 - Squadrons of the Seas

    Between the sands of Arabia and the Sahara desert lies a true oasis, a thin finger of water separating Africa from Asia. Here in the Red Sea, Peter and Stefania dive in search of enormous schools of hammerhead sharks.

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    Turtles are among the most captivating ocean dwellers, yet their existence is in the balance. Their fight for survival begins before the small hatchlings break through their shells. The eggs are at the mercy of the winds and the tides, and are scavenged by jackals, red ants, monitor lizards and h...