Guardians of the Ocean

Join our Guardians of the Ocean on a quest to save our seas!

Join Luca and his sister Melua as they head out with the Oceans Alive team and begin their ocean warriors project. 

Meet Luca and Melua, the dynamic sibling duo leading the charge as they don their Ocean Warrior capes and join forces with the Oceans Alive team. Their mission: to become guardians of the ocean, protectors of the marine life that calls it home. The journey begins on the sun-kissed beaches and estuaries along South Africa's south coast in KwaZulu Natal. Their first task? A beach cleanup initiative aimed at inspiring children worldwide to join the ranks of Ocean Warriors, teaching them the importance of picking up trash to prevent it from infiltrating our oceans and endangering marine mammals.


As they meticulously comb through the shores, removing plastic bottles, bags, glass containers, and various debris, Luca and Melua understand the grave consequences of pollution on our waterways. The pollutants, if left unchecked, pose catastrophic threats to the delicate balance of animal and plant life. Water, the essence of our survival, becomes a battleground for sustainability. To combat this peril, the call to action is clear: clean up local parks, rivers, and communities. The survival of the human race hangs in the balance, intricately linked to the health of our precious water sources.


Luca and Melua go beyond the shoreline, diving deep into conversations with environmental champions to understand the far-reaching impacts of pollution on ocean life. Angie Gullan, a passionate advocate for ocean conservation, shares insights into the devastating effects on marine mammals, especially dolphins. The duo learns about Strappy, a bottle-nose dolphin injured by plastic pollution, underscoring the urgent need to prevent such traumatic incidents from befalling other dolphins.


The siblings sit down with Caulin Donaldson, affectionately known as Trash Caulin, unraveling the inspiration behind his journey as an eco-activist. His tales of tireless commitment to the oceans inspire Luca and Melua, reinforcing the belief that individual actions can amplify into a collective force for change.


The journey takes a scenic detour to explore mangrove forests, those mystical trees that thrive in saltwater and serve as sanctuaries for countless animals. Luca and Melua become aware of the vulnerability of these ecosystems to pollution, particularly plastics and garbage. The health of mangrove forests, they discover, is intricately linked to the well-being of the animals that call them home. The call to action echoes louder: safeguard these vital habitats by refraining from littering.


The ocean's iconic creatures, turtles, find themselves in the crosshairs of ocean trash. Luca and Melua delve into the heartbreaking reality of turtles mistakenly ingesting plastic, mistaking it for their favorite jellyfish. They learn of the entanglement struggles turtles face with large fishing nets, a perilous predicament that often leads to drowning. The siblings issue a heartfelt plea: keep our beaches clean, discard your trash responsibly, for the power to safeguard these majestic creatures lies in our hands.


In a momentous alliance, Ocean Warriors and Trace Marine join forces, intensifying their commitment to save our oceans and their inhabitants. The collaborative cleanup initiatives kick off along the orange coast, targeting plastic waste and oil spills that pose imminent threats to turtles and whales. Their vision extends beyond mere cleanup; it's a quest to purify the entire ocean, eliminating the pervasive waste and pollution that plague its depths.


The blog post concludes with a resounding call to action. Change, it asserts, starts with each individual. Luca and Melua, alongside the Oceans Alive team, stand as living proof that ordinary people can become extraordinary guardians of the ocean. Every piece of litter picked up, every responsible disposal of trash, and every effort to spread awareness contributes to a collective movement, a ripple effect that can transform into a tidal wave of change. The power to safeguard our oceans, marine life, and the future of our planet lies within each one of us. Will you heed the call and become an Ocean Warrior? The choice and the responsibility are yours.


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