Ocean & Underwater

  • Catching Giants


    200km from the southern-most point of Africa, where the water is chilly and harsh, runs the Breede River. Recently, reports have been made of a massive creature living in the river. Fish are being taken off fishermen’s lines – but with a curious and sickening twist. Only the bodies are taken: the...

  • Sharks of the Wild Coast


    Peter sets out to try and discover the secret lure that Wild Coast wields. He will investigate and film how Raggies, Blacktips and Tiger Sharks behave towards each other. What are their secrets and are they really to be feared.

  • Shark Alley


    Hundreds of sharks follow and feed upon millions upon millions of sardines as the fish migrate up the south-eastern coast of Africa. Bronze Whalers, Ragged-Tooths, Hammerheads, Black-Tips, Duskies, Tigers, Bulls and the Big Daddy of them all – the Great White – are joined by dolphins, Cape gannet...

  • Journey of the Giant


    The world's tropical waters are inhabited by a fish that dwarfs all others. Yet it is fuelled by the tiniest of creatures. The whale shark spends its life pursuing rich upwellings of microscopic plankton. Off the east coast of Africa, the warm currents of the Indian Ocean carry with them a seemin...

  • Dolphin Army


    Fast and efficient, an ocean legion is on the move. Growing in momentum, single pods congregate to find food. Combining in battalions over 3000 strong, this is the Dolphin Army. Filmed over 3 years during the spectacular Sardine Run along the eastern coast of South Africa, Peter Lamberti and his ...

  • Ocean & Underwater Shorts

    12 videos

    Watch your favourite underwater animals from sharks to whales to jellyfish, and all the creatures in between.

  • Shark Attack Stories

    2 seasons

    Ever since Spielberg brought a giant Great White Shark onto the big screen, sharks have become a regular fixture in our nightmares.

  • Dive Africa

    1 season

    A big continent is known for big animals, Africa underwater offers scuba divers big thrills. At the top is Egypt, the gateway to world class diving on the Red Sea’s coral reefs. At the bottom is South Africa where you find tropical reefs in the northeast and temperate rocky reefs in the west, inc...

  • Blue Reef Adventures

    1 season

    This dive adventure series follows South African wildlife filmmakers Peter Lamberti as he travels to the most exciting dive destinations that Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands have to offer. He encounters astounding and terrifying marine life as they explore breath-taking underwater locations f...

  • Shark Quest


    Follow former spear fishermen Mark Priest and Rob Torelli as they brave the shark infested waters of South Africa in this compelling nature documentary. Without the safety of a cage or scuba gear, they become the first Australians to free dive with these deadly predators. Their incredible quest g...

  • Africa's Penguin Island


    The Skeleton coast of Southwestern Africa, commonly known as the coast of fury, is the dramatic backdrop to a story of life and death struggles where only the strongest can survive. Lucy and Louie are vulnerable penguin chicks born in a harsh environment where dangers await them at every turn. Fr...

  • Shark Girl: Ella and the secret of Shark Rock


    This is the story of Ella Addison, an extraordinary 12 year old girl who swims with sharks. It is a family tradition. But something strange is happening around her Shark Rock playground. Black tip sharks are multiplying and tiger sharks are disappearing. Curious by nature, Ella starts a school pr...

  • Feast of Predators


    This is the story of a courageous little seal who braves the ocean and all its perils - a real adventurer at heart who leaves the colony to follow one of the greatest migrations on Earth - the Sardine Run. Each year millions upon millions of sardines leave the waters off the southern tip of Afric...

  • Reis Van 'n Reus

    Die see beskerm sy geheime teen 20ste eeu wetenskap. In 'n tyd waar ruimtetuie die buitenste streke en verder van ons sonnestelsel ondersoek, verstaan ons nog skaars wat gebeur langs ons eie kuslyne in die aarde se oseane. Maar 'n groep van Suid Afrikaanse navorsers en filmmakers is besig om die ...