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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

NGM202 - The Loggerhead turtle

Episode 2 • 4m 30s

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    Conservation culling practices left young orphan elephant bulls undisciplined by the remarkable natural pachyderm matriarchal society. On hot African afternoons these bulls prefer to harass mud-bathing rhino incessantly, determined to dislodge them from their wallow in an absurd display of inter-...

  • NGM204 - Wonders of the Coral Reef

    Beneath the tropical waters of our oceans lies one of the most intricate worlds ever evolved – tropical reefs. Although they occupy only one tenth of the earth’s surface they achieve the highest productivity off all marine ecosystems, second only to the tropical rainforests in complexity and rich...

  • NGM205 - Great Wildebeest Migration

    The end of summer on the Serengeti plains heralds the mass migration of millions of wildebeest to fresh grazing in the north. Opportunist predators follow in their wake, targeting the stragglers on the outskirts. The thirst-driven animals reach the Grumeti River in the winter where they meet the ...