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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

NGM107 - Lions kill a Giraffe

Episode 2 • 4m 48s

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    Some of the largest fish in the sea feed on the tiniest of marine organisms. Manta rays and whale sharks feed by filtering the water and extracting the tiny creatures that form plankton. But they are able to do this by swimming forward in the water with mouth agape, but there are creatures such a...

  • NGM101 - The Great Hunter

    The great white shark has long been the centre of media hype, but is it really the vicious killer it is made out to be? We take a look at the hunting strategies of this incredible shark and find that it actually is an intelligent, calculative and cunning predator.

  • NGM104 - Bert the Bass

    Off the coast of Mozambique there is a small reef which is the castle of an imposing king – Bert the Bass. He is a huge potato bass. Like all basses he has an unusual life history – he began his life as a female and changed sex when he grew into an adult. He now rules over his harem of females as...