My Wild Family

My Wild Family

An insider’s perspective on the real lives of wild animals, told through the eyes of one of their young as they embark on their journey of growing up. This enchanting and endearing children’s series captivates young audiences, keeping them engaged and entertained whilst simultaneously educating them on the fascinating world of wildlife. Each episode is between 5 and 6 minutes, makes use of child-friendly language and can appeal to an audience between the ages of 5 to 15.

My Wild Family
  • MWF208 - Baby Cheetah

    Ever wished you could run as fast as a car? Well I can and I’ll show you how! Join me and my brothers and sisters on the African plains as our mom teaches us how to run as fast and be as clever as she is. Then we’ll go on our own adventures and get into lots of trouble. Shh…don’t tell mom! See if...

  • MWF207 - Baby Giraffe

    Ever tried to touch your nose with your tongue? Mine is so long I can wrap it to a branch! I wish it was long enough to reach the ground. Then I wouldn’t keep falling over every time I try to drink. Hey, maybe you can help! Come and visit me and my mom in the African scrubland and we'll learn all...

  • MWF206 - Baby Buffalo

    I’m a little buffalo calf. This is my mother and we are part of a large Cape Buffalo herd. I have plenty of young calves in the herd to play with. We all suckle milk from our moms. Wallowing in the mud helps to get rid of biting insects. Want to come to play in the mud with me?

  • MWF205 - Baby Tiger

    Baby tigers have lots of energy! While mom watches our backs, it’s time to play. We practice stalking and pouncing to help us catch our dinner one day. My cousins are old enough to follow their mother to the river for a swim. Oh, I can’t wait to grow up so I can join the fun!

  • MWF204 - Baby Ostrich

    Have you ever seen an ostrich fly? Although we have wings, we can’t fly. Ostriches are the biggest birds on earth and we have the biggest eggs! We can run very fast and we can outrun almost any other animal. Wanna race?

  • MWF203 - Baby Warthog

    Do you think warthogs are ugly? I’m a baby warthog and I live in the African bushveld. Some people call us ugly. What do you think? We don’t really have warts; we just have big bumps on our faces for protection. One day when I’m big, I hope I have long tusks like my dad. Grownups use their tusks...

  • MWF202 - Baby Zebra

    I’m a little zebra foal. Although I am still very young, I could stand and walk right after I was born. Every zebra has different stripes, and I recognize my mother by the patterns of her stripes, her smell and her call. We are very social animals and you will never find us alone. I love my zeb...

  • MWF201 - Baby Rhino

    I am a baby rhino and I stay close to my mommy so that she can keep me safe and feed me. My mother grazes almost all day and I get very bored. Time to play. A mud bath will be a real treat!

  • MWF109 - Baby Baboon

    Ever wondered what it would be like to swing through the trees like a baboon? Come and see! We’ll explore my world on the African savannah together and learn everything you need to know to be a baby baboon. From what we eat to learning to climb. Yay! It’s playtime! See you in the treetops.

  • MWF102 - Baby Crocodile

    Ever tried to hold your breath underwater for a whole hour? Me neither, but my mom can! Wow. Everything looks so colourful under the water. Come and see for yourself when you visit me in the African swamps. I’ll show you where I hatched from my underground nest and how I stalk my food without ma...

  • MWF107 - Baby Elephant

    Ever been shouted at for rolling around in the mud? I haven’t…mom says it’s important that we take mud baths to protect our skin. Come with me and we'll learn all the neat skills and tricks we need to be massive elephants. Hey, can you help me figure out how to use my wriggly trunk to pick up sti...

  • MWF105 - Baby Hippo

    Do you like to swim? Hippos spend all day in the water. It’s how we keep our skin from burning when it’s too hot. When the sun starts to set mom says it’s time to leave the river! Night time is when hippos look for food. We like to eat grass, but sausage tree fruit is my favourite!

  • MWF104 - Baby Spotted Hyena

    Ever chewed on a really tough bone? I’m a baby Hyena and this is my family. We’re called a clan. My mother is the leader of our clan. Besides eating meat, a grown hyena can chew and swallow animal bones. We don’t like to waste food. One day we will be as tough as mom and the others.

  • MWF101 - Baby Lion

    Ever wanted to see a real life dinasour? Crocodiles are kind of like dinasours. My mom is taking me and my brothers and sisters to the river, where they live. Come with us. We have to be very careful. Crocodiles would love to eat a baby lion. Mom will show us how to spot them in the water. Ah, ma...

  • MWF110 - Baby Penguin

    Do you like to eat fish? I'm a baby penguin and I love fish! Mom has brought back some fish for me and my sister. Mom already swallowed the fish, but she brings some up to share with us. It’s yummy. Back in our nest mom cleans my feathers and tucks me in. It’s been a very busy day!

  • MWF103 - Baby Banded Mongoose

    Ever built a fort in the outdoors? The African swamps have lots of really cool natural forts. I and my family move into a new one every few weeks. We call it our den. Do you want to help us find a new den? It needs lots of rooms if all 30 of us are going to fit in. Let's go exploring and find the...

  • MWF108 - Baby Seal

    Do you know how to swim? I'm a baby seal and my mom says it’s time for me to learn! It takes practice, even for a seal. Mom says it’s important because one day I will have to catch fish for myself. Guess I’ll keep on trying. Time to catch another wave!

  • MWF106 - Baby Wild Dogs

    I’m a Wild Dog pup. Some people call us Painted wolves because of the spotty patterns on our coats. But my fur is still black and white- mom says I will get my spots soon! Early each morning when the sun begins to rise the grownups get ready to hunt. One day, when we are a bit older we’ll join th...