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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

FFW03 - Adapted to the Grass Plains

Fit for the Wild • 26m

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    Where the ocean meets the African continent, the Cape fur seal leads a double life, depending on both land and sea to feed, breed and survive. As spring arrives, the pregnant females haul themselves onto the rocky shoreline to give birth and, almost immediately, mate again.

  • FFW05 - Adapted to the Semi-Desert

    The barren Kalahari landscape offers little protection to its animal inhabitants. Masters of survival, they must overcome drought, dust, wind and heat to survive. Clans of resourceful meerkats resort to burrowing in the ground to avoid the many predators that await them in the ‘land of the big th...

  • FFW06 - Adapted to Swamps

    The creatures of the Okavango occupy a mosaic of land and water. Throngs of birds and animals arrive with the seasonal floods, only to recede along with the waters. Permanent residents of this emerald oasis are specially adapted to survive its often unpredictable patterns. At the head of this foo...