Conservation Flix

  • The Heart of the Elephant


    A Documentary of Love, Family and Future As humans continually close off their hearts and empathy - elephants are now just showing us how to truly love and forgive. The heart of the elephant is a story of wonder woven together from a tapestry of eye-witness accounts and scientific proof of these ...

  • The Great Elephant Rescue


    One thousand elephants need to be moved from the overpopulated Kruger National Park in South Africa into neighbouring Mozambique and the newly created Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park- which will later join with Kruger.

    Tracking, darting, capturing and transporting elephants is the most chal...

  • MKOMAZI: Return of the Rhino


    Once found all over Africa, indiscriminate hunting and enthusiasm for decorative rhino-horn daggers have led to near extinction for the black rhino. Thanks to the passage of tight legislation and the rise of vigilant protection, black rhino numbers are finally rising. This film documents efforts ...

  • Shark Quest


    Follow former spear fishermen Mark Priest and Rob Torelli as they brave the shark infested waters of South Africa in this compelling nature documentary. Without the safety of a cage or scuba gear, they become the first Australians to free dive with these deadly predators. Their incredible quest g...

  • Top Cat


    Captive cats become captivating predators in this intensely moving film about a family of caracal that regains their freedom through an alliance with the South African air force. The caracal is evasive, shy and solitary and these little known feline predators are seldom seen and extremely difficu...

  • Big Animal Rescue

    1 season

    All over Africa, wildlife veterinary experts risk their lives on a daily basis to protect some of our planets most endangered species. Driven by their passion for conservation and equipped with some of the most advanced drugs, like M99, they can dart and relocate some of the largest mammals alive.

  • Parklife: Africa

    1 season

    A series of 13 x 30-minutes focussing on the people and wildlife of Kruger National Park in South Africa – how they manage to live and co-exist in what is one of the premier wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Each episode weaves several stories together, combining traditional wildlife filmmaking ...

  • Caught on Safari: Kruger

    1 season

    Get up close and personal with wildlife in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

    Experience the thrill of lions on the hunt, a hyena feeding frenzy or an intimate encounter with an elephant family as it happens live, from the comfort of your couch. For one week South Africa’s Kruger National Pa...

  • The Great African Wildlife Rescue

    1 season

    Travelling deep into the heart of Africa, the Great African Wildlife Rescue captures the intense and dramatic experiences of revered wildlife veterinarian Doctor Cobus Raath and two veterinary volunteers, as they risk their lives to save the continents most iconic and dangerous animals.

  • Charging Back : An African Rhino Story


    In the 1800s there were more than 500,000 white and black rhinos in Africa. But by the 1990s, ivory poaching had left less than 7,000 animals alive. Remarkably, today their numbers have risen to 11,000. But there is now a new, deadly threat. Charging Back starts at the Pilansberg Game Reserve, wh...

  • Catching Giants


    200km from the southern-most point of Africa, where the water is chilly and harsh, runs the Breede River. Recently, reports have been made of a massive creature living in the river. Fish are being taken off fishermen’s lines – but with a curious and sickening twist. Only the bodies are taken: the...

  • Return of the White Lion


    White lions are rarer than the legendary snow leopard of the Himalayas and they occur naturally in only one place on earth - The Timbavati Reserve in South Africa. But very few white lions have been witnessed in the wild over the past decade. Today, most white lions are born in captivity. Their r...

  • Ele Tele


    Ele Tele is a 52-minute film which will give viewers an elephant's eye-view of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Through the use of a specially constructed camera and microphone rig (which is attached to an elephant matriarch named Ellie), the film captures every event in the life of a fa...

  • Shark Girl: Ella and the secret of Shark Rock


    This is the story of Ella Addison, an extraordinary 12 year old girl who swims with sharks. It is a family tradition. But something strange is happening around her Shark Rock playground. Black tip sharks are multiplying and tiger sharks are disappearing. Curious by nature, Ella starts a school pr...

  • In the Shadow of Extinction: The Himalayan Brown Bear


    In the foothills of the Himalaya mountains in Pakistan, a remarkable conservation project is underway. The Himalayan Wildlife Project with help from renowned conservationists from South Africa sets out to save the critically endangered Himalayan Brown Bear.

  • BAR - Bring Claude Terug.

    Sjimpansees word in sommige dele van Afrika mishandel. In Oktober 2010 het die Jane Goodall Institute van Suid-Afrika, die Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag en 'n groep passievolle eko-avonturiers ‘n sending na die Sentraal-Afrikaanse Republiek (CAR) onderneem om Claude, 'n 7-jarige sjimpansee, uit die Bang...