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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

BRA02 - Gentle Giants

Blue Reef Adventures • 24m

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  • BRA03 - Grinning Predators

    With its sinister hunched back and a menacing mouthful of teeth, the ragged tooth shark is a fearsome looking predator. In colder waters, this could make for a dangerous encounter, but in the warm waters of the Natal reefs, the ragged tooth shark undergoes a dramatic change of personality.

  • BRA04 - Squadrons of the Seas

    Between the sands of Arabia and the Sahara desert lies a true oasis, a thin finger of water separating Africa from Asia. Here in the Red Sea, Peter and Stefania dive in search of enormous schools of hammerhead sharks.

  • BRA05 - Dive to the Extreme

    In the grassy highlands of South Africa lies one of the deepest freshwater caves in the world. Nearly 1,000ft deep, one man has spent 15 years exploring its black waters. Now, he attempts to do what no one has ever done before: scuba dive to the bottom.