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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

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  • ADK103 - Reefs

    Africa’s southern coastline hosts some of the most vibrant, varied and dynamic reef systems on the planet. Bizarre, beautiful and mysterious worlds, they are crammed with a bustling diversity of life. Ever changing, these coral gardens are amongst the most competitive and cutthroat of underwater ...

  • ADK104 - Grasslands

    In seemingly endless seas of green and shimmering gold, Africa’s grasslands stretch out on an immense scale. Sustaining more large animals than any other habitat, they are home to some of the greatest gatherings of wildlife on earth. In endless cycles, driven by seasons of plenty and times of cru...

  • ADK105 - Kalahari

    The Kalahari. Land of great thirst. Endless mirages of red and yellow sand merge with a shimmering horizon. Summer rains bring brief explosions of life, painting the landscape in vibrant colours, only to be soaked up by the thirsty earth and returned once again to the desert. In this place of imm...