Africa's Deadly Kingdom

Africa's Deadly Kingdom

6 Episodes

The untamed wildernesses of Africa encompass the extremes of our planet. Her primordial rhythm beats across seasonal grasslands, inhospitable deserts and competitive coral reefs as it has for millennia. In each of these extraordinary landscapes life rises to meet their daily challenges in astonishing ways. Untamed Africa delves deep into the complex lives of the continent’s most remarkable species and their never-ending struggles to survive.

Africa's Deadly Kingdom
  • ADK101 - Deserts

    Episode 1

    Africa’s Deserts are hostile and unforgiving realms, in which all living things bow to the power of the elements. These formidable landscapes, with their near total lack of resources, have forged creatures unlike any other on earth. In Untamed Africa: Deserts, animal encounters reveal the astonis...

  • ADK102 - Coasts

    Episode 2

    South Africa’s West Coast. An unforgiving, volatile world pummelled by icy Atlantic waters and buffeted by howling winds. To survive in this land of rugged beauty its inhabitants must lead double lives, continually adapting to exploit the opportunities offered by land and sea while exposing thems...

  • ADK103 - Reefs

    Episode 3

    Africa’s southern coastline hosts some of the most vibrant, varied and dynamic reef systems on the planet. Bizarre, beautiful and mysterious worlds, they are crammed with a bustling diversity of life. Ever changing, these coral gardens are amongst the most competitive and cutthroat of underwater ...

  • ADK104 - Grasslands

    Episode 4

    In seemingly endless seas of green and shimmering gold, Africa’s grasslands stretch out on an immense scale. Sustaining more large animals than any other habitat, they are home to some of the greatest gatherings of wildlife on earth. In endless cycles, driven by seasons of plenty and times of cru...

  • ADK105 - Kalahari

    Episode 5

    The Kalahari. Land of great thirst. Endless mirages of red and yellow sand merge with a shimmering horizon. Summer rains bring brief explosions of life, painting the landscape in vibrant colours, only to be soaked up by the thirsty earth and returned once again to the desert. In this place of imm...

  • ADK106 - Bushveld

    Episode 6

    A spectacular journey into the remote African Bushveld, one of the wildest and deadliest environments on the planet and home to the titans of the African continent. An ancient world where the ever-changing seasons constantly shape life and the battles between predator and prey rage with savage in...